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High School STEM Programs

The SAMPE Foundation has completed preparations to launch a new STEM effort. The following describes what has been accomplished in preparation for launching this effort in 2024:

  • Critical Tools are now available: 


The objective of the K-12 STEM program will be to target candidate high schools that have demonstrated strong STEM programs. We will work with SAMPE Professional Chapters and with their associated SAMPE Student Chapters, to identify these high schools. The goal will be to:

  • Identify approximately three candidate high schools each year.

  • Proposals must include:

    • A 250-word description of ongoing STEM programs at the proposed high school

    • A 250- to 500-word description of how the SAMPE Student Chapter intends to assist the targeted high school in successfully completing the new STEM program.

    • A 100- to 250-word description of how the SAMPE Professional Chapter intends to monitor and, more importantly, mentor the Student Chapter 

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