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William Dahlgren Teacher of Excellence Award

The William Dahlgren Award recognizes outstanding K-12 teachers for inspiring students in math, science, and engineering fields, particularly classes directed towards learning the field of plastics and general entrepreneurship activities/efforts with a prize of $500.


Open Rolling Application date. Apply any time.


We are looking for teachers who consistently demonstrate:


Excellence: Motivating students to achieve their best.

Integrity: Consistently thinking, sometimes doing more than what is required.

Respect: Treating each student as valuable and full of potential.

Innovation: Inspiring students to explore and create on their own from what is taught.


Should you have any questions, or require further information, please feel free to contact us at

Upper School Science Teacher Andrea Chou Recognized for Teaching Excellence

The award recognizes K-12 teachers for “inspiring students in math, science and engineering fields.

Upper School science teacher Andrea Chou was awarded the 2023 William Dahlgren Teacher of Excellence Award, presented by the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE).

Ms. Chou teaches chemistry at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School. She has introduced new, interdisciplinary units to her courses in recent years, including an exploration of polymer sciences last year that culminated in a polymer synthesis lab where students made nylon and later teamed with English IV students to write poems on the topic of fabric chemistry.

Congratulations, Ms. Chou!

Dahlgren Award Recipients
  • Lisa Whiting | St. Paul VI Catholic High School

  • Andre Chou  | St. Margaret's Episcopal School

  • Karen Coulombe  | Cavelero Mid High School

  • Elvira Deyamport  | Thames Elementary School

  • Tom Amijs  | Don Bosco Technisch Instituut Halle

  • Anthony Grisillo  | Glenwood Elementary School

  • Cara Levin  | Lakeview Elementary School


  • Lee Hammill-Mirsky, PhD.| Marlborough School

  • Alica Artis | GALA

  • David Humphries Central Academy of Technology and Arts

  • Jon Hidalgo | Central Academy of Technology and Arts

  • Keith Bernhard | Central Academy of Technology and Arts

  • Anthony “Nino” Polizzi | Samueli Academy

  • Teresa Hislop | Ogden Preparatory Middle School

  • Kevin Mulka  |GALA


  • Melissa Arisco Union Hill School

  • Ken Mattern | Cactus High School

  • Adam Shroyer Cactus High School

  • Eric Harrington | St. Margaret's Episcopal School 

  • Lily Lavapiez | Sanders Middle School

  • Nic Jones  |R2I2

  • So Jung Kim | Christ Lutheran

  • Chris Washington |Pacific Lutheran

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