Over the past five years, the SAMPE Foundation accomplished a great deal towards fulfilling our mission and meeting our goals.


Through the administration of SAMPE Foundation programs, we have:


  • Sponsored attendance for 100 middle school students from the Girls Academic Leadership Academy to SAMPE 2018.

  • Sent 10 teams, each comprised of two female engineering undergraduates to regional middle and high school districts. The districts included: Greater Los Angeles, CA; Dayton, OH; Salt Lake City, UT; Reno, NV; and others via the MIT Women’s Initiative Program.

  • Provided stipends to 26 outstanding STEM middle and high school teachers, including two STEM teachers in the Middle East.

  • Placed a university doctoral candidate in an inner city school to teach science.

  • Provided financial support to an inner city high school student for participation in a university chemistry program.

  • Provided full registration, travel, and lodging to a STEM high school teacher at regional North America SAMPE events.

  • Donated a 3-D printer to a California high school.

  • Conducts “Teach the Teachers” program, which provides training on how to teach composites to K-12 educators.


The SAMPE Foundation is open to suggestions from any SAMPE chapter or SAMPE member about programs worthy of financial support. The best way to make such a suggestion is to submit a one-page summary of the suggested effort to the SAMPE Foundation Board of Directors via the standing chair of the board. 

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