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Over the past five years, the SAMPE Foundation accomplished a great deal towards fulfilling our mission and meeting our goals.


Through the administration of SAMPE Foundation programs, we have:


  • Sponsored attendance for 100 middle school students from the Girls Academic Leadership Academy to SAMPE 2018.

  • Sent 10 teams, each comprised of two female engineering undergraduates to regional middle and high school districts. The districts included: Greater Los Angeles, CA; Dayton, OH; Salt Lake City, UT; Reno, NV; and others via the MIT Women’s Initiative Program.

  • Provided stipends to 26 outstanding STEM middle and high school teachers, including two STEM teachers in the Middle East.

  • Placed a university doctoral candidate in an inner city school to teach science.

  • Provided financial support to an inner city high school student for participation in a university chemistry program.

  • Provided full registration, travel, and lodging to a STEM high school teacher at regional North America SAMPE events.

  • Donated a 3-D printer to a California high school.

  • Conducts “Teach the Teachers” program, which provides training on how to teach composites to K-12 educators.

  • Awarded a grant to STEMteachersNYC to support the 2020 STEM Summer Institute


The SAMPE Foundation is open to suggestions from any SAMPE chapter or SAMPE member about programs worthy of financial support. The best way to make such a suggestion is to submit a one-page summary of the suggested effort to the SAMPE Foundation Board of Directors via the standing chair of the board. 

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